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Toxins Used at The Marigold Spa

We love our new clients (and of course existing ones too)! Recently, we have had a few new clients who have come to us after having a bad experience at other area providers. Many of them had similar questions for us about the number of units to use, type of product used, and reconstitution of the product.

These are all GREAT questions but can be answered! Plus, we are not in the business of bad-mouthing other providers - especially when we have no idea what went on between the client and injector at the various other practices.

At The Marigold Spa in Downingtown PA, we use two FDA-approved toxins: Botox and Dysport. There are other brands approved and available in the U.S., but we think these two are the best choices for our clientele.

All toxins provide the same end result - a wrinkle relaxing treatment!

The injection techniques between the two are similar as well as reconstitution. But, the number of units can vary from client to client and here's why:

~ Strength of the muscle

~ Area or areas of treatment

~ Result client wishes to achieve

Here is an example of how a toxin like Botox or Dysport is injected to help soften fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes:

At Marigold we make sure to thoroughly discuss both of these great options and will always use toxin discussed with you at your appointment. And remember, all of our consultations are complimentary!

To schedule:

tel.: 610-246-8757

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Kristen Orlando
Kristen Orlando
Mar 13, 2021

I have always felt very safe at the hands of Marigold Spa! They are top notch and I’ve been extremely happy with my results!

Kristen O.

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