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AnteAGE Exosome Therapy is Your Skins' New Favorite Rejuvenating Treatment!

If you've been on skincare social media lately the term "exosomes" has probably crossed your feed. Many have asked if it's just a trend, or if exosomes are really the new and advanced skincare treatment that helps brighten and rejuvenate the skin! Let us break down the basics of exosomes for you!

What are exosomes?

Exosomes are nanoparticles released by nearly all cells in the human body, and skin cells have their very own kind of exosomes. They contain various lipids, proteins, amino acids, peptides, growth factors, and genetic material. 

"They work by communicating and transmitting signals between cells," says board-certified dermatologist Ramya Garlapati. "You can think of them as messengers sending signals to unhealthy cells, triggering them to regenerate." In other words, exosomes prompt the body's natural healing process.

How do exosomes benefit the skin?

As we get older, our skin cells start to atrophy, and our bodies produce fewer exosomes — similar to how we experience a decrease in collagen production. This leads to sagging, fine lines, and wrinkles. Exosome therapy, specifically AnteAGE MDS exosomes, allows new exosomes to swoop in to help wake up inactive skin cells and older exosomes so they can get back to work to repair, strengthen, and rejuvenate skin. 

In the process, exosome therapy increases collagen and elastin production, improves wound healing, and decreases pigment production, Dr. Garlapati explains. As a result, skin becomes plumper, firmer, brighter, and smoother. 


Exosomes, like the AnteAGE MDX system, help "seal" your skin post-advanced treatment like Morpheus8, Microneedling, and even the IPL Photofocaial, and reduce the potential for allergic reactions.

What is exosome therapy treatment like? 

At The Marigold Spa, it's simple process! After your favorite treatment, the AnteAGE MDX solution is reconstituted (has a similar feeling to aloe vera gel) and applied liberally to your skin.

Are there other uses for exosomes?

Yes! AnteAGE exosomes can be used as a substitute for under-eye filler (like PRP). This is perfect for people who may not be candidates for dermal fillers. Also, The AnteAGE system also has specific exosome treatments for hair restoration!

Why pick Exosomes over PRP?

While both exosomes and PRP provide benefits in clinical studies, exosomes have outpaced PRP in recent tests. This is due to one simple reason: The plasma used in PRP is limited by the health and age of the client. A 25-year old patient in good health already has fewer lipids, proteins, and growth factors in their plasma. Also, for example, you are over the age of 40, are on medications, consume a few weekly alcoholic beverages, your blood and PRP/PRF isn't comparable to the results from exosomes.

Right now, you can add AnteAGE exosomes to your favorite treatment and enjoy 10% off! Book your next appointment here and be sure to ask your Marigold provider if AnteAGE exosomes could benefit you!

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