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Now that you have your eyelash extensions, you need to protect your investment to keep your natural lashes health and to ensure you will get longevity between refills! There are a few tips and tricks you can do at home to ensure you maintain your lashes!


Though eyelash extensions are very easy to maintain, the 24-hour curing period is VITAL for maximum lash retention. During the first 24 hours following your lash service, it is very important that you follow these simple guidelines.

Keep your eyelashes COMPLETELY DRY for the full 24-hour curing period. Getting them wet interrupts the curing process and will cause premature shedding. Steam from showering or cooking, sweat from working out, moisture from facial services can all be harmful to your new lash extensions. If you must wash your face, please use a washcloth and avoid your lash line.


This is so important and we are constantly amazed at the amount of clients coming to us from other practices who were never told to wash their lashes! Proper washing will help keep your lashes from shedding prematurely and lengthen their lifespan. Our natural lashes filter away dirt and debris from our eyes, washing eyelids and lashes will remove any dirt, oil, and makeup build up as well as any bacteria keeping follicles clear.

  • Lashes should be washed 3-4 times a week.

  • To wash simply use a lash brush (or old makeup brush) and some lash shampoo and gentle clean in an up and downward motion.

At Marigold we carry:

  • Minkys LashShampoo – we find it keeps lashes squeaky clean and reduces the chance of infection and bacteria growth on the lash line.

  • Cleansing Brushes - a high quality ultra soft cleansing brush that won’t damage your lashes.


It’s best to avoid waterproof, water-resistant or oily products, including both makeup and removers. Basically if it’s hard to take-off, don’t put it on!

  • Mascara: Mascara can be worn for classic sets only (not volume or hybrid), but cannot be waterproof.

  • Be leery of liquid liners, gel liners, or organic solvents such as oils, glycols or carbomers. These items will dissolve the cyanoacrylate adhesive and cause the extensions to pop off. These items will also cause a sticky, thick build up at the base of the extensions, clumping the extensions and natural lashes together which can lead to irritation of the eyes. It is hard to wash these items off the extensions without rubbing off your extensions.


  • Tangled Lashes: It’s pretty unavoidable that your lashes will tangle every once in awhile. To help, you can use a clean mascara brush (we give you one) to brush them when you first get out of the shower. Brushing your lashes regularly will help keep them looking fuller.

  • Refill Routine: Make sure to stick to a good refill schedule. This typically takes place 2-3 weeks after lash application based on client preference.

For maintenance, at Marigold we also carry:

  • True Black Sealant (for Classic Lashes only) that can help extend the life of the lashes and provide a light mascara-like effect.


  • Avoid excessive heat and steam: Heat can singe the tips of the extensions. Allow heat to escape from the oven before sticking your head into the heat. Also avoid steamy showers, as the steam will cause the extensions to straighten.

  • No sleeping on your face: Sleep on your back if possible. Place a pillow under your knees to support your back. If you sleep on your side, protect your eyelash extensions by placing your pillow away from your eyelashes or prop your hand between your face and your pillow to help avoid your extensions being smashed into the pillow.

Now sit back and enjoy not having to wear mascara and having long, beautiful lashes!

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