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Free Botox? YES PLEASE! 101: Brilliant Distinctions Points

What is the Brilliant Distinctions® Program?

The Brilliant Distinctions® Program is a third-party rewards program through Allergan® that rewards points and coupons to its members based on the treatments they receive in our office.

Brilliant Distinctions Program Features

The Brilliant Distinctions Points Program allows you to earn points each time you receive an Allergan based treatment. You also can earn points on every purchase at the Brilliant Distinctions® Mall. The points you bank up can be redeemed for dollars off on select Allergan products and services including Botox, Juvederm XC and Latisse.The more you participate in the program, the greater the rewards! There will be ongoing opportunities for other valuable rewards including the ability to donate points to charity. Manage your account activity online or via BD Mobile App. As a Brilliant Distinctions member, you’ll receive a monthly eNewsletter full of all the information you need including special offers, ideas and articles.

How do I Register for the Program?

Simply visit the Brilliant Distinctions website and follow the instructions to register. Please note that this program is not managed by Margold Esthetique. We simply offer it as a benefit to our patients.

How Do You Earn Brilliant Distinctions Points?

You earn points by purchasing or receiving qualifying treatments, which award points in three levels.

Earn 100 points for qualifying LATISSE, SkinMedica, and VOLBELLA XC treatments. Earn 200 points for qualifying BOTOX Cosmetic, JUVEDERM XC, and CoolSculpting treatments. Earn 300 points for qualifying KYBELLA, Natrelle, REVOLVE, VOLLURE XC, and VOLUMA XC treatments.

To earn points for these treatments, you can receive them each time you visit Marigold and have one of the treatments or services listed above. We then will enter your treatment into the Allergan program database, and your points awarded within the next 24-48 hours.

You can also earn extra points with membership activity!

Download the Brilliant Distinctions mobile app to manage your membership on an Apple, Google, or Android phone. You get 100 points for downloading it and logging in on your mobile device. Refer friends to the Brilliant Distinctions program and receive 200 points for each one who joins. This reward is limited to 1,000 total points (or five friends).

We are happy to announce that as of this last March, Brilliant Distinctions® members are able to earn points by watching videos on the Brilliant Distinctions website and mobile app! This is an exciting opportunity for consumers to earn points while they learn more about brands in the Brilliant Distinctions® portfolio, and explore Brilliant Distinctions® program benefits and functionalities.

Here are the earning rules:

- Members must be logged in to earn points on videos

- Members can earn 20 points per unique video watched, and up to 60 points every year (3 video limit for points)

Shop for products at the Brilliant Distinctions mall, where you earn rewards for purchases at online retailers such as Michael’s, Kohl’s, Fandango, and Best Buy. Rewards vary by retailer. As of March 2018, for example, you get one Brilliant Distinctions point for every $2 spent at Best Buy.

How Do the Tiers Work?

Allergan administers its loyalty program at three levels: Silver, Gold, and Diamond. You reach each level by building up points, and the higher levels have more perks than those under it.

  • Brilliant Distinctions Silver Level: At between 0 and 599 points, you’re a silver member. You receive $10 in redemption value for every 100 points and an annual reward on your program anniversary (the date you joined the program). The anniversary reward is worth $10 and must be used within three months.

  • Brilliant Distinctions Gold Level: At between 600 and 1199 points, you’re a gold member. You receive all the silver rewards plus:

- An extra 50 points on every qualifying treatment

- A SkinMedica gift

  • Brilliant Distinctions Diamond Level: At 1200+ points, you’re a diamond member. You receive all the silver rewards plus:

- An extra 100 points on every qualifying treatment

- Two SkinMedica gifts

- And your points never expire

How Do You Redeem Points for Botox Treatments?

Brilliant Distinction Reward Codes

You can log in to your Brilliant Distinctions account any time after you accrue points and print a coupon voucher for reward redemption. For example, if you have 100 points, you can print a voucher worth $10.

We will accept the voucher for the face value toward your out-of-pocket costs or cash price on qualifying treatments.

What happens If I forget to print a coupon?

Since this is not a program created or maintained by Marigold Esthetique, we cannot honor any discounts offered by the Brilliant Distinctions program unless a valid coupon code is presented at the time of treatment. We don't have the power to make exceptions since it is not an in-house program - we simply offer it as a benefit to our patients.

Do I have to do anything after the treatment?

Nope! Points will be automatically deposited in your account within 24 hours.

Do the points expire?

Some of the awarded points have expiration dates while other don't. This is why it's important to check the App to avoid losing any points. We will do our best to help you learn how to use the App so that you can utilize all your points!

Schedule your next Botox or Dermal Filler appointment at Marigold Esthetique today by booking online or giving us a call at 610-340-1555!

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