Marigold Esthetique is excited to be offering PRP Hair Restoration Treatments in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. This amazing service has restored confidence and given new life to many of our male and female clients!

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Hair Restoration is a revolutionary new treatment for hair loss. You’ve probably heard of other popular PRP treatments that work with microneedling or dermal fillers, but the benefits of PRP aren’t just for the beautifying the skin. The medical industry has been using PRP for years to treat a wide variety of issues including hair loss.


Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Hair Restoration is a treatment where Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP – see more on this amazing liquid below) is injected into the scalp, at about every half inch of the area where the hair is thinning or expected to thin.

As with our other PRP treatments (Her-shot, PRP FacelyftPRP Microneedling) the client’s blood is carefully drawn by a medical professional, and run through a machine called a centrifuge. This separates the plasma  from the red blood cells. We then inject the plasma directly into the scalp, into the hair follicles.


The use of PRP in the scalp has shown to help increase hair count, thickness and the growth phase of the hair cycle. PRP helps stimulate the body’s response to injury and it automatically goes into repair mode to the affected area. This brings collagen and healing factors to the treatment area which helps repair damage and revitalize tissue.

This meticulous PRP Injection treatment takes around a half an hour and has a relatively low recovery period. Many of our PRP Hair Restoration clients reported improvement after just one treatment and greater results just after a few treatments.


Most PRP Hair Restoration clients see results just after a treatment or two, but it is typically recommended to do at least 3 treatments every 4-6 weeks for optimal results. Our expert PRP medical staff will help you determine what will work best for your scalp and your budget.


Platelet Rich Plasma, commonly called PRP, is a concentration of platelets and growth

factors. These growth factors, when injected or applied to the skin in carefully, controlled

treatments have been known to improve the signaling and recruitment of cells and collagen,

which helps with recovery and production of new tissue. This is why it has been shown to be

very effective when treating skin conditions, joint problems and more.

How PRP Works

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