Enhance and Define

Your Natural

Eyebrow & Lip Shape

Microblading (also known as permanent makeup) in Downingtown PA is a form of hand-drawn semi-permanent tattooing performed by our microblading and pigmentation specialist Dina that will eliminate the need for daily brow pencils, lip liner or makeup, powders and stencils.

About Microblading/PMU

Microblading/PMU  Treats:

• Undefined brows
• Thin Brows

• Uneven Brows
• Misshapen Brown


• 2 Hours


• About 7-14 days
• May take 1 month for pigment to settle in

• Results last up to 2 years
• Maintenance may be performed to perfect brows

How Microblading/PMU Works

Microblading is a form of semi-permanent tattooing that can dramatically reconstruct or add fullness to less-defined natural eyebrows. Individual brow hairs are drawn stroke by stroke using a special medical-grade pen that deposits pigment as it passes over the skin. Your final brow results are reached by working with our microblading specialist Dina to determine your ideal brow silhouette based on your facial structure and personal preferences.

Benefits of Microblading

The Perfect Shade at Any Stage

Because microblading uses pigment instead of ink, your results will fade naturally over time.

Comfortable and Painless Treatment


You’ll be comfortably numbed with topical anesthetic during treatment so that the process is pain-free.

Before & Afters
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Dina Lips
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