Get Full + Feathery Brows with Brow Lamination

Brow Lamination in Downingtown PA is a form of semi-permanent perming performed by our Marigold Estheticians that relaxes the brow hair to provide that full and fluffy look. Brow tinting and waxing can also be added.

About Brow Lamination

What Brow
Lamination Treats:

• Undefined Brows
• Uneven Brows
• Misshapen Brows

• 30 minutes

• None
• Results instant

• Results last 5 to 8 weeks and is safe to be

repeated as desired

How Brow Lamination Works

Brow Lamination is a form of semi-permanent hair softening that tames unruly hairs and sets them in place for a fluffy just-combed look.  Brow lamination is essentially a perm for your eyebrows, but without the harsh chemicals. You’ll work with our Maritold Esthetician to determine your ideal brow silhouette based on your facial structure and personal preferences, so your look will be completely customized to you. Tint and waxing treatments can be added.

The Benefits of Brow Lamination

Great Alternative to Microblading*

Get the thick and fluffy brows you’ve always wanted without the pigment or needles associated with microblading. Because brow lamination works with your natural hair, this is a great alternative to those not ready for a more permanent solution.

* can only work with existing brow hairs

Easy and Painless Treatment

Treatment consists of  shaping the brows, applying the perming solution to relax the hairs and then a nourishing cream to seal in your results!

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